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Do you have some great article that can be published on Finance-Petra? Superb! I like to give a chance to talented writers and allow them to reach a broader audience. If you are looking for such opportunity, don’t wait a second anymore. Just send me your article and I will answer you as soon as possible.

I’m looking for the posts that are not shorter than 500 words and that are 100% original.

Don’t look on this only as a chance for SEO purposes. It is all about connecting with people and adding new value to readers. It is the most important. If you want article just because links, maybe you should start somewhere else. This blog is not launched because of this.

However, I will allow links to the third party website to every author, but only if the content is quality and if it is about business and finance. Try to link with authority and reputable blogs, not affiliate websites (this is just a suggestion, not the rule).

Try to be interesting and informative at the same time.

Personal experience about running business and tips are always a good choice.

If you are still confused about the topic and quality of posts, here are some suggestions:




You can also use the search box (right at the top) where you can see what topics we have covered so far. If you want to write about the same topics as we do, just try to cover it from a different angle and everything will be just fine.

Now, you just have to send me your article and I will inform right after I review it.