Three Essential Tips For Better Fundraising Efforts


Are you getting ready for that all important fundraising season? You are not alone as so many organizations are trying to fund their efforts with new and unique fundraisers. The simplest piece of advice I can give you is to not try and reinvent the wheel. Instead just make it a little better. With that in mind let’s look at what you need to have an incredible fund Fundraising-Efforts

Theme Your Efforts

To get the maximum run out of your fundraising efforts is to try and match the theme to the cause. This starts with the very basic planning strategies to choose a cause that works perfectly with your group or company. By aligning the right cause with your group and then to theme the overall fundraising event you create the opportunity of bringing in long-term donors.

Fill Your Volunteer Spots Carefully

When planning your event pay careful attention that you are matching your volunteers to skills that match their interests and personalities. Many people love to give a helping hand for a cause they believe in, but they slowly lose interest if they are forced to do a job they really do not like. You will see that you have happier volunteers and get the best of what they can offer to your effort.

Records For Higher Levels Of Success

Once a fundraiser is started it is quite easy to get caught up in the excitement. However, it is important to have one person set aside to collect important records and statistics. It is important to keep track of all your donors as well as all the expenses you incur during the process. Keep the names, addresses, and phone number of all the people who have helped out during the fundraising event. This includes donors and volunteers alike.

These records will be useful to send thank you notes as well as a followup for donors and volunteers for the next event. Many people will be quick to respond with pledges and offer their time after a successful event. By sending out notifications, you will get your fundraising efforts off the an incredible start! This helps to create an enthusiastic start to the event and gets everyone excited. It makes it much easier to reach a goal when you have pledges coming in before you have even started the event!

Creating a fundraising event is a lot of work but it is necessary to bring funds for special projects and causes. Using just these simple three tips, you will always have your effort on the right track. Creating the perfect theme is one of the most important first steps. Get this part right and all of your efforts will be much easier. Choose where you place your volunteers carefully because they will be much more efficient in their areas of expertise. Lastly, keep accurate records for your future efforts. This will make later fundraisers not only easier but more profitable.

Take these simple tips and get a jump start on your fundraising efforts!