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Some Thoughts About Market Risks And Rewards

Just how do you figure out what are acceptable levels of risks and rewards in trading? That’s a tough question to answer, because it’s a lot like asking someone how many layers of clothing you might need to go play outside safely on February 26th in Boston. If you check the annual weather report, you see that the temperatures and weather can vary widely, even on this winter date alone. Some years, a sweater might be enough, but others might require a heavy winter coat and head covering.

Three Essential Tips For Better Fundraising Efforts


Are you getting ready for that all important fundraising season? You are not alone as so many organizations are trying to fund their efforts with new and unique fundraisers. The simplest piece of advice I can give you is to not try and reinvent the wheel. Instead just make it a little better. With that in mind let’s look at what you need to have an incredible fund Fundraising-Efforts

Theme Your Efforts

To get the maximum run out of your fundraising efforts is to try and match the theme to the cause. This starts with the

The Challenges Of Launching A Business While Juggling Your Day Job


Switching from a regular job to launching your own business is a very big step and it should be tackled with great care. Many people try to do both things in parallel for a while, until they feel safe enough to say goodbye to their nine to five job and dedicate all their energy to growing their business.

The most difficult time is the launching of the new business while still going to your old job. You need to

Is It Wise To Use Your Family And Friends As Investors?

Family And Friends As Investors

Most small businesses need to raise capital in order to be able to grow. The start-up phase is always very delicate. There are many expenses you need to make, but you don’t have enough paying customers to cover such amounts. Under these circumstances, you have to finance your business from your own pocket for a while. What if your pockets are empty? Are you doomed to fail just because you can’t pay for the necessary tools for growing a business?

Some people think to take a loan from a bank or to max out their credit card. However, such solutions