How To Raise Money For Your Business – The Realistic Way

How To Raise Money For Your Business – The Realistic Way


For many entrepreneurs, the decision of whether to start their business now or not comes down to funding. The good news is that there are quite a few ways one could go about funding a start-up. Well, if you have a wonderful business idea, but you do not have funding; this does not mean that you start sitting down and let the idea go.

You need to analyze all angles of your business and your future goals and then analyze each funding method to ensure that you have started your business. Keep in minds that you need to be smart when it comes to business funds otherwise you may find yourself back to square one. Well, below are realistic ways you could get business funding.

1. Personal Savings

There is no way people are going to take you serious if you do not have something to show that you are. The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs do is; they go ahead to request for money from other people, and lending organizations without having something to show their progress. In the end, they find themselves back in step one without any funds to begin their business.

Human behaviour Research has showed that a person cannot know the weight of something if the said thing was given a particular thing without sweating. For example, if today a person is given a car, they are most likely not to take care of it compared to how they would if they bought the same car with their hard earned money.

For this reason, you have to show others that you are serious by investing your own money too into your business.

2. Family And Friends

There are no other persons who know you more than your friends and family. Even before you begin to consider going to a bank or any other lending organization, it is advisable to consider those close to you. Ask them to lend you the starting money or convince them to invest in to all together. This is a great way to get starting capital for your business.

3. Strategic Partner

There is nothing that is sweeter that finding a customer, distributor or supplier who stands to benefit from your solution and they are willing and able to help you as you are starting the business. They must be reliable and experienced in the industry you are investing on or similar/related industry.

4. Crowdfunding

Crowd-funding is one of the most popular ways of funding a start-up. The good thing about crowd-funding is that you begin early to market your business. Remember, word of mouth is a way of advertising your business. For this reason, you will find yourself having customers even before your business has been fully established.

There are many platforms today that you could take advantage of; to fund your business. Kickstarter is an example of such a website. Remember, take advantage of technology and do not concentrate on them alone: offline crowd-funding is also another great way to get funds.