Three Essential Tips For Better Fundraising Efforts

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Institutional Venture Capital

What Is Institutional Venture Capital?

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Family And Friends As Investors

Is It Wise To Use Your Family And Friends As Investors?

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take a second mortgage or not

Taking A Second Mortgage – Yes Or No

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Loan Terms Explained

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How To Raise Money For Your Business – The Realistic Way

How To Raise Money For Your Business – The Realistic Way

Introduction For many entrepreneurs, the decision of whether to start their business now or not comes down to funding. The good news is that there are quite a few ways one could More »

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Customer Service Complaints: Reasons Why There Are Complaints

The following story is something that actually happened. A woman once called a major bank’s customer relations line to have her credit card billing problem resolved, and things did not go that well. After extended periods of being put on hold and being given some awkwardly scripted responses, she still could not get a simple answer to her query. At the back of her mind, this was one process she knew was supposed to be rather straightforward. In frustration, she told the administrator at the end of the line that she was a rather busy person and that all she wanted was a simple and direct answer rather than some scripted answers.

Much to her surprise, this was the response she received.

“I am sorry that you called when busy. We are open 24 hours a day” the administrator said,